Mark Pinnes Launches Upside PR, a B2B and Tech Agency, Backed by Agency Startup Accelerator MXP Ventures

LONDON — JAN. 3, 2022 — Upside PR, founded by agency veteran, Mark Pinnes, is a strategic communications and growth marketing firm focused on helping B2B and technology clients influence the audiences that matter, and drive business growth.

Mark Pinnes, Founder and Managing Director at Upside PR, said: “We partner with B2B and tech clients who are innovative, bold and who are change-makers to harness the power of their purpose and deliver extraordinary growth. We exist to help brands build a lasting connection with their audiences and drive commercial results.”

Upside’s core services will include internal and external communications, media relations, social media and thought leadership; combined with growth marketing tactics such as rapid prototyping of new marketing and value propositions, digital marketing and programmatic advertising to drive real business growth.

The company will focus on technology clients and B2B brands.

Pinnes most recently served as Managing Director at Flagship Consulting following the successful sale into the Selbey Anderson Group. Previously Pinnes led strategic comms for clients such as Dell, HP, AIG, EY and Shell Renewables, and was the former Morrisons media relations and Truphone marketing chief.

Michael Young, partner at MXP Ventures, and CEO of U.S. based Millwright Holdings, said: ”Mark’s clarity of vision, track record and ability to deliver impressed us from the outset. We have tremendous resources from across the group which enable Upside to be global from day one.”

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