Bound to Prosper Launches to Help Brands Build Equity Through Meaning in People’s Lives

LONDON — OCT. 4, 2021 — Former Kazoo Communications Managing Partner, Lydia Hoye, launches consumer comms agency, Bound to Prosper, to help brands achieve positive impact and growth through work that earns meaning in people’s lives.  

Hoye believes the agency answers a growing brand challenge as consumers expect brands to mean more, citing ‘75% of brands could disappear overnight, and no one would care.’

“We are here to place our clients in the 25% of brands that matter,” she says.

Hoye continues, “It’s not enough to just focus on attention grabbing work, we need to create the opportunity for brands to go a step beyond. The agency is set up for challenger brands, particularly those in new markets, to earn and keep brand equity.”

The agency’s approach will combine a deeper delve into the insights and vision of the people behind the brand, ‘those driving it to better’ with contextual behaviour and cultural audience insights.

Bound to Prosper will work with brands on creative campaigns, traditional and digital press office, leadership profiling and influencer marketing.

Bound to Prosper is the first consumer agency launched under MXP Ventures, a new venture fund building and scaling new agencies across the marketing spectrum. MXP Ventures is a collaboration between Michael Young, international agency founder and CEO of Millwright Holdings who owns multiple U.S. communications agencies, and Tilo Bonow, seasoned entrepreneur and investor as well as CEO of Germany’s leading Tech-PR agency, Piabo PR.

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