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Our MXP Agencies are made up of founders who think differently. We are the first venture capital fund to invest in PR and digital marketing startups globally. We work with agency founders with unique ideas, and an eagerness to scale their clients worldwide.

Bound to Prosper

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Creative lifestyle communications agency for B2C brands that want to define a new journey or reinvent their relevance.

Ellipse Communications

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Corporate communications, PR and marketing services for the B2C changemakers making impact all over the world.

Upside PR

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Strategy communications and growth marketing agency for B2B and tech brands that want to drive business growth.

Entourage Agency

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Paris, France

Based in Paris, Entourage is a new generation agency that supports executives and business leaders who want to make a difference in their reputation.

The Better Together

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Washington, D.C.

Full-service social impact agency on a mission to create values-led messaging for non-profit partners and services that elicit change.

PNTR Group

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Data-driven B2B communications, marketing and digital agency driving integrated strategies and social responsibility for clients around the world.

Voxeon Communications

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Cape Town

Internal communications agency focused on corporate messaging for employee engagement and employer branding.

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