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MXP is the venture platform for launching and scaling marketing agencies globally.

We are the founders behind the founders. MXP invests in agency entrepreneurs who want to start and scale globally. Our focus is at the intersection of technology and data-driven PR, marketing, social, content, digital, paid media and influencer communications.


Bound to Prosper

Consumer communications designed to win brands the right to have meaning in people’s lives.

Ellipse Communications

International communications and event strategy to help brands expand globally and transform their communications into a development accelerator.

Upside PR

Strategic communications and growth marketing to help B2B and technology brands influence the audiences that matter and drive business growth.

Entourage PR

Based in Paris, Entourage is a new generation agency that supports executives and business leaders who want to make a difference in the development and protection of their reputation.

Better Together

Better Together is a full-service social impact agency on a mission to create values-led communications that galvanizes people and communities to create positive impact.


PNTR uses research and data to formulate winning market-strengthening or market-entry strategies for our clients, supported with integrated communications, marketing and digital services to guarantee success.


Voxeon helps organizations attract and retain top talent, build high performance cultures, and maximize remote and hybrid team performance, productivity and collaboration using strategic communication, digital content and immersive experiences.


Tailored offers global clients tailored solutions for social media and content creation including strategies, data-driven insights, and influencer marketing. The Amsterdam-based team deeply understands pan-European consumer markets and how brands can use social media to connect, engage with, and delight their customers.

Founding Partners

Tilo Bonow, Founder and CEO of Piabo PR


Founding Partner
MXP Ventures B.V.
Micheal Young, Founder and CEO of Millwright Holdings


Founding Partner
MXP Ventures B.V.

Agency Founders

Lydia Hoye

Founder & Managing Director
Bound to Prosper

Mark Pinnes

Managing Director
Upside PR

Coraline Bardinat

Ellipse Communications

AJ Lee

Managing Partner
PNTR Group

Fabien Contino

Entourages Agency

Catharine Montgomery

Founder + CEO
Better Together

Jo Ayre

Founder + CEO

Taylor Handsley

Founder + Managing Director


We provide agency founders:
Funding to launch new agency concepts
Support to scale from start-up to high growth
Connection to a global leadership and partner agency network
More than 150 professionals across Europe and US
New business opportunities
Expertise, mentoring and support
Salary, bonus, profit sharing and paid benefits
Equity participation
Strategic account development
Exit scenario planning


MXP takes the risk out of starting your agency. We provide capital, expertise and shared services to drive your business forward:
Business Development
Finance and Accounting
Human Resources Management
IT Infrastructure
Firm Marketing & Positioning

Start-up Agencies

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