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Personalized and objective advice for corporate executives who want to make an impact in their industry - that’s what Entourage Agency brings with its powerhouse CEO and founder, Fabien Contino. With a focus on corporate communications and the development of integrated marketing strategies to respond to political, technological, societal, and economic dynamics of our changing world, Entourage is the go-to solution for corporate decision makers.

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Client Case Study

ECONOCOM | Internal Communications

Implement  an internal communications strategy for a multi-market group

As part of the implementation of the Econocom Group's new strategic plan, Entourage has set up an internal communication process, including a strategic tool for sharing corporate information with all Group employees: the Econocom Stories newsletter.

Challenges :

  • 5 languages to address and different reading habits in different countries
  • setting up an editorial committee to collect topics and produce content
  • sustained frequency: a newsletter every two weeks, with 6 dense articles in each newsletter
contents produce
opening rate
readers per newsletter
(6 000 employees)

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Entourage is a one-stop shop for executives looking to drive influence on the local, national, and global levels. Explore our corporate communications, public relations and digital marketing services created to elevate company awareness and enhance executive visibility.

Public Relations

  • Media Relations
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Thought Leadership
  • Media Training


  • Strategic Watches / Studies
  • Audits + Benchmarks
  • Personal Image Strategy

Crisis Management

  • Special Situations
  • Litigation PR
  • Press Office in Crisis
  • Watches

Entourage is right for you

  • You’re a CEO who needs to focus their public relations and digital marketing efforts.
  • We have an expert team with 20+ years experience driving corporate communications and executive visibility.
  • Your leadership is facing a political or societal change and needs to pivot messaging.
  • Our programs are developed to provide the highest expertise and best recommendations to protect and build your brand reputation.
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