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Bringing creativity, energy and unapparelled contacts backed by our global network, we make brands the conscious, easy choice. We work with brands defining new categories, and reinventing the old - those leading the charge in building brands to cater to what people want and need for a brighter future. We’re experts in elevating CPG, F&B, hospitality, retail, plant-based, low and no alcohol, consumer tech and women’s wellness brands with results that makes telling their story the gateway to more customers and greater growth. Visit our website and get in touch to have a straightforward human chat about your brand’s potential.

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Client Case Study

WILD NUTRITION | Owning the Conversation Around Perimenopause

Building Brand Awareness + Increasing Subscribers

Bound to Prosper work with women’s wellness brand Wild Nutrition to help place them front of mind with women and in turn be the go to brand when they need nutritional support.

Creating an overarching brand platform which identifies the times in women’s lives which are often forgotten, the first campaign ‘The Future of Perimenopause’ was launched with the focus on education, community building, perimenopause product sales and monthly subscriber growth.

The ’Future of Perimenopause’ report in partnership with The Future Lab was created and discussed at an event for media and influencers during Menopause Month by a panel of women’s health experts. The Telegraph ran an exclusive that kicked off the launch day and a dedicated podcast, radio day, interviews and social media takeover created an opportunity for the report to go far and wide.

Increase in brand
Increase in website
SOV media coverage
compared to comepetitors

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We power up creative lifestyle communications with a mix of science, art and craft. Whether you’re in the market for a consumer communications agency that excels in public relations, content strategy or digital marketing, our expert team is ready to elevate your brand by leaps and bounds.

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